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  • Compact fixture provides both heat and light
  • Dual cords for individual bulb control
  • Ceramic sockets withstand high temperatures
  • Bulbs are sold separately

Product Description
Zilla Incandescent 20″ Dual Bulb Reptile FixtureTwo bulbs for twice the reptile habitat convenience. Thanks to this compact two-bulb housing, incandescent light and heat can fit in tight spaces. A low profile 4″ high hood includes twin ceramic light sockets…perfect for daytime and nighttime bulbs. Both operate independently on separate cords with in-line rocker switches. An ideal match for day/night programming with an R-Zilla Power Controller (sold separately). Both fixtures are rated up to 150 watts and are CUL listed. For larger terrariums, place two of these 20″ fixtures end to end. Please note that bulbs are sold separately.

Zilla Incandescent 20″ Dual Bulb Reptile Fixture

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  • Keeps crickets hydrated for longer life
  • One moistening provides days of water
  • Rehydrate and reuse
  • The moisture crickets need without a drowning mess

Product Description
Replace an open water dish (which commonly drowns crickets) with the convenient water supply from a Water Pillow. The advanced polymer within a Water Pillow steadily provides moisture, lasting days after a paper towel or sponge would dry out. Simply moisten and set inside your reptile’s enclosure. Completely reptile safe, and keeps crickets alive longer.

Zilla 11733 Cricket Water Pillows, 6-Pack

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  • All the vitamins essential for reptiles and amphibians
  • Beta carotene supplies vitamin A without overdosage
  • Simply spray on daily food
  • Complete reptile nutrition is just a spray away

Product Description
Don’t like gut-loading insects, or want to be certain every vitamin need is met? Use R-Zilla spray-on Vitamin Supplement. It’s as easy as a daily misting of a pet’s food supply, then waiting fifteen seconds before serving. The mist contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3, Niacin and folic acid. Vitamin A is included in the form of beta carotene, a natural plant-based supplement that allows a pet to absorb only the amount of the antioxidant it needs.

Zilla 11846 Reptile Vitamin Supplement Spray, 8-Ounce Bottle

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  • One center manages lights, filters, everything
  • Constant power or day/night cycling, both in one device
  • Reliable analog design is easy to program
  • Healthy habitat control you can set and forget
  • 12-month warranty

Product Description
Replace the tangle of wires and timers behind a reptile terrarium with a single safe power strip featuring built in control. Spin the handy dial to set on/off times for four plug-in devices, while simultaneously powering four devices that run constantly. Ideal for cycling lights and heaters to replicate the natural day/night sequence that promotes reptile health. The precise analog control is adjustable to 15-minute intervals. This ruggedly built, UL listed device is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Zilla 11573 Analog Timer Power Center, 1875-Watt

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  • Allows essential air flow in reptile terrariums
  • Hinge eases use with lighting hoods
  • Withstands high temperatures from heating devices
  • Provide air flow while maintaining solid security
  • Hinged for easy access, built for solid security

Product Description
Fresh Air terrarium covers are designed especially for the unique needs of reptile environments. Screening promotes the healthy exchange of air needed to keep cold-blooded reptiles healthy and active, with a metal mesh tough enough to withstand the clawing of the largest pets. Perfect for habitats that require frequent access, the hinged hood allows entry without the need to lift a lighting hood. Black mesh stands up to the high temperatures heating bulbs generate. Long lasting black steel frame keeps its shape through years of daily use. For added security, accessorize a Screen Cover with screen clips, combination locks and a cord access port (sold separately).

Zilla 11704 Fresh Air Screen Cover with Center Hinge, 12-Inch by 24-Inch

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  • 100% natural ground English walnut shell
  • Lighter in weight than old fashioned sand
  • Dust free for a healthier home environment
  • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior in desert reptiles
  • Won’t scratch cage glass

Product Description
Recreate a reptile’s desert habitat with attractive, 100% natural ground English walnut shell. It’s lighter in weight than old fashioned sand, and dust free for a healthier home environment. Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior in desert reptiles. Won’t scratch cage glass. Made in the USA, and can be readily composted with everyday yard waste. Ideal for bearded dragons, monitors, skinks, uromastyx.

Zilla Ground English Walnut Shell Reptile Bedding

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  • High-quality acrylic panels contain humidity and temperature
  • Black mesh screening is strong and escape-proof
  • PVC bottom is durable and water-resistant
  • Cord access port allows use of power cords and tubing
  • Easy to assemble

Product Description
Zilla Fresh Air Acylic Atrium Habitat for ReptilesClear acrylic atrium for high-humidity animals ideal for day geckos, climbing frogs, and other climbing pets that prefer a high-humidity environment. Acrylic sides and a PVC base pan retain moisture and humidity without leaking. An escape-proof mesh top and door locks keeps pets secure. Easily route cords for pumps, lights and accessories through built-in cable port.

Zilla Fresh Air Acrylic Atrium Habitat for Reptiles

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Product Description
Built-in sifter removes waste without trapping bedding Wide 4 ½” size cleans large terrariums fast Right-angle design moves easily into corners Make a necessary job quicker and cleaner ÿWhisk a terrarium clean of reptile droppings in minutes, without the need to throw away sand or terrarium bedding in the process. The ample screen at the bottom of a Litter Scoop sifts out waste in a few shakes. Designed with a 4.5″ scooping width to suit small terrariums and large multi-pet tanks. Clean all the way into edges and corners with Litter Scoop’s right-angle design. Crafted of washable plastic for years of use.DIMENSIONS- L4.50 W5.25 H11.50

Zilla Corner Litter Scoop for Reptile Terrariums

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