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  • Holds 4 lb of seed
  • Independent seed compartments so ports stay active longer and three types of seed attract multiple birds
  • Three types of seed attract multiple birds
  • Wire barrier protects from squirrel damage
  • Clear seed containers make it easy to monitor the seed levels and provide for ease of refilling and cleaning

Product Description
The Perky-Pet® Evenseed Squirrel Dilemma features a wire barrier that protects against squirrel damage, three separate seed compartments allowing for three different seed types to attract different types of birds, a wire barrier that protects against squirrel damage and a four lb. seed capacity. The innovative design of this feeder provides a unique option within the industry. The tower style with three separate seed bays adds to the endless bevy of options Perky-Pet® continues to provide the birding public-keeping squirrels out and letting birds in! The clear seed containers make it easy to monitor the seed levels and provide for ease of refilling and cleaning. Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with mild soap and water solution. Hang mount. Perky-Pet® is your ‘one source’ for all bird feeding needs. We offer the finest quality in wild bird feeding products and accessories. Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed—providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed at your house.

Perky-Pet 104 Evenseed Squirrel Dilemma Wild Bird Feeder

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  • Oxygenating ponds and aquariums for a cleaner aquatic environment
  • Promoting healthier fish and aquatic plant life
  • Increasing the breakdown of fish waste
  • Preventing icing-over in outdoor ponds
  • Driving protein skimmers

Product Description
The Pondmaster AP-Series air pumps have been designed to satisfy the requirements of a multitude of water-related applications. All AP-Series air pumps operate on standard 110V electric and come with a 6′ power cord. The oil-less lubricated motor is designed to operate efficiently and save energy. For outdoor applications, nit is recommended that the unit be enclosed to protect it from the elements.

Danner 04520 1700CUIN AP-20 Pond Air Pump with Diffuser

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  • Rubber control-touch handle for added comfort and better grip
  • Densely packed soft bristles distribute natural oils to produce a beautiful sheen
  • Innovative handle easily fits hands of all sizes
  • Soft, natural hog hair bristles
  • Available in blue or pink

Product Description
Oster ECS Line of Grooming Tools feature control touch handles that are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. These one-of-a kind grooming tools are made to last and offer uncompromising results in horse grooming.

Oster Equine Care Series Finishing Brush, Soft Bristle, Natural Hog Hair, Blue

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  • Bone Shaped Braided Rug in Pink
  • 30L x 18W
  • Beautiful Rugs!! Check out all of our colors; Blue, Green, Lavender and Pink.
  • Great home accent for the pet lover! Ideal for under food/water bowls.
  • Made of easy-care, machine-washable polypropylene.

Product Description
This beautiful rug is a great accent for your home. A great mat for under feeding bowls.

Pet Studio Bone Shaped Braided Rug Pink

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  • A small 110-120 volt A.C. electric fencer unit.
  • This fencer delivers a safe uninterrupted voltage with very low current.
  • Not recommended for livestock.

Product Description
A small 110-120 volt A.C. electric fencer unit to protect your garden, flower beds, or shrubs from small animal damage. This fencer delivers a safe uninterrupted voltage with very low current to comply with the national electric safety code. Not recommended for livestock.

Parmak Pet Gard 110/120 Volt Contoller For Back Yards & Gardens PG50

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  • Made of Heavy Guage Aluminum
  • Aids in sercuring your pet
  • advises vistors of your pets presences

Product Description
Beware of Cat Sign 10-inch by 7-inch.

Pet Supply Imports – Deluxe Beware of Cat Sign

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  • Kills free-floating algae, parasites and harmful bacteria
  • Low-Voltage ballast and 5-watt bulb ideal for small aquariums
  • Designed to fit inside the aquarium
  • Sterilizer attaches directly to built-in BioCube pump for easy installation
  • Fits BioCube sizes 14 and 29

Product Description
Oceanic BioCube Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer kills free-floating algae, parasites and other harmful bacteria as water passes over the UV bulb, making it cleaner, clearer and safer for your aquarium fish. Designed to fit inside the aquarium, the Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer attaches directly to the built-in BioCube pump for ease of setup and use. This mini sterilizer fits BioCube sizes 14 and 29, but with the included universal adaptor you can also use it in other small aquariums. The kit includes a 5-watt ultraviolet lamp. To maintain function of your BioCube Ultraviolet Sterilizer you should replace the lamp every 6 months.

Oceanic 36011 BiocubeMini Ultraviolet Sterilizer, 5-Watt

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  • Small (S) fits neck to base of tail measurement from 10-12 inches and 6-8 pounds
  • Super Soft Cotton with a hint of lycra
  • Great fit and comfort.
  • Perfect for the holidays.
  • Machine Washable and Made in the U.S.A

Product Description
I See Spot’s tanks are comfortable and easy to care for! Keep your pet in style. Great for the holidays!

Elf in Training Holiday Dog Pet Tank – Small

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  • method of keeping pests away from your dog
  • Uses no harmful chemicals and is odor-free
  • Protects your pets and family for up to 4 months
  • Easy to use; just attach to your pet?s collar
  • Reaches maximum strength within 36 hours of attachment

Product Description
Shoo.TAG Dog Flea/Tick (Double – 2 dogs) is a non-toxic, chemical-free way to protect pets from pests. Shoo.TAG is the revolutionary, non-toxic tag that uses electromagnetic frequencies to create a protective barrier from pests

shoo!TAG Flea and Tick Barrier Tag for Dogs, 2 Tags

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  • Guaranteed to permanently eliminate urine odors
  • Safe, non toxic, biodegradable formula can be safely used around children and pets
  • Can be safely used on any water-safe surface such as carpets, clothing, upholstery, auto upholstery, mattresses and more!
  • Exclusively recommended and endorsed by Animal Planet!
  • Effective at removing any biodegradable stain and odor!

Product Description
KIDS N PETS Brand Stain & Odor Remover is a fast and highly effective carpet and pet “accident” stain & odor remover desiged to completely eliminate urine, vomit, feces, food and beverage stains and odors safely and permanently.

KIDS ‘N’ PETS STAIN & ODOR REMOVER, 2 pack 16 fluid ounces

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